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World History Synopses

There are two types of people that make up mankind: those who survive, and those who thrive. Which type are you?

As Sons of Odin we understand something that the majority of Mankind doesn't, and that's the simple truth that it's a choice we each make for ourselves. We understand that we have a choice in whether we will thrive, or just survive. When one looks at every situation in life as a choice, a personal decision can be made to either gravitate toward problems that arrise as a normal part of life, or we can choose to rise above and go another direction.

A Son of Odin lives a life of intention set on reaching our own goals for success in life, and will always forge their own path according to those intentions. Should we not agree with issues that affect us, we are not afraid take a stand and fight for what we believe is right. If necessary we will take matters into our hands to make a change for the better, and we are not afraid to do. We are not lead by fear; we are courageous and forthright in our actions because we know who we are, where we came from, where we are going and why.

We are the Few, unlike the Rest. We lead; we do not follow. We are lions; not sheep. And that my friends, is what sets a Son (or Daughter) of Odin apart from the rest of humanity. We stand out from the pack as modern day warriors who live by the same set of honorable principles the ancient warriors did. We call these 9 principles the Warrior Code, and these are the rules we live by, come hell or high water. We will fight for righteousness until the end even if it means we will die fighting for what we believe.

The old Biker adage, "Ride Free or Die," sums it all up - if we cannot live free to make our own decisions about our own lives, we will choose death in order to preserve our dignity. Our product collections are curated by modern day warriors just like you, who also happen to be expert stylists with an insatiable thirst for history and ancient warrior symbols. We design products that make men feel good, strong, sexy and desirable. Our fashion and jewelry lines make a bold statement to others about our personal character and style. There is something to be said for a man of few words, and the Sons of Odin line of jewelry, fashion accessories and home decor is designed to make impactful statements without an uttering of spoken word. It's our belief that living our own authentic Truth (living authentically) through honorable actions, and creative personal expression, empowers us to break the binds societies have placed on our souls. We have a choice  are free from bounds of sowe attract all that we were predestined to achieve. When our souls are free, the world open up and the universe opens up to offer a world of limitless potential. because we are living each day in a direction toward who we were born to be, and our products are designed to serve as symbolic relics to remind us where we came from; token mementos of our achievements; symbols of faith to remind us where we are going in difficult times.

Life is hard and times get tough. If they haven't yet, we know they will; and we are prepared. Unlike the rest of the "zombies" and "floaters" who have no purpose, and know not where they are going, we wear symbols of our Faith to remind ourselves and others of our unwavering faith in the way of the warrior. When we live openly and freely, the sky is the limit to the goals we can reach and the success we can achieve. 

If you've heard the term "a few good men" thatEven those who understand that there is always a choice 

the future becomes a bit clearer and a whole lot brighter.


By knowing the past we can make better, more informed decisions, both individually for ourselves, and collectively as a society, if we are to ensure the best chance for successful evolution. not only for survival, but to THRIVE. To make progress in life we must evolve, but how can we do so if we don't understand the tendancies and patterns of mankind and the humanitarian civilizations and societies that were formed in order to ensure that mankind did indeed survive evolve? In order to increase our chances for success in our own individual lives, and ensure continued growth and evolution for other human beings - of both modern day as well as future generations - we must each consider a humanitarian standpoint gathering what information and facts we know about the past of mankind. 

One might ask why they should


African History before 500
African History during the Colonial Period
African History, 500–1590
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Mesopotamia
Ancient Rome
Argentina in the Twentieth Century
Argentina through the Nineteenth Century
Australia since 1914
Australia, 1788–1914
Austria since 1914
Brazil during the Colonial Period
Brazil since 1889
Brazil, 1808–1889
Byzantine Empire UPDATES!
Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istanbul
China since 1949
China, 1912–1949
Czechoslovakia, 1918–1992
Dutch Republic and the Netherlands through 1914
England, 1485–1815
England: The Middle Ages
France since 1945
France, 1450–1789
France, 1789–1945
France: The Middle Ages
French Indochina
Germany after Reunification
Germany, 1789–1945
Germany, 1945–1990
Germany: The Middle Ages
Great Britain since 1914
Great Britain, 1815–1914
Greece since 1914
Greece, 1453–1914
Habsburg Dynasty
Han Dynasty, 206 B.C.E.–220 C.E
Holy Roman Empire
India during the Mughal and Colonial Periods
India Prior to Colonization
Indus Valley Civilization
Ireland since 1920
Ireland, 1450–1789
Ireland, 1789–1920
Ireland: The Middle Ages
Islamic Spain
Italy since 1914
Italy, 1450–1789
Italy, 1789–1914
Italy: The Middle Ages
Japan since 1945
Japan, Historical Overview
Kievan Rus, 862–1240
Korea, Historical Overview
Meiji Restoration, 1868–1912
Mexico during the Colonial Period
Mexico since 1910UPDATED!
Mexico, 1810–1910
Ming Dynasty, 1368–1644
Modern Africa
Modern Egypt
Mongol Empire
Muscovy, 1242–1613
Netherlands since 1914
New Zealand
Nomads and Nomadism
North Korea
Northern Ireland
Ottoman Empire
Pirates and Piracy
Poland since 1921
Poland through 1921
Post-Colonial India
Post-Soviet Russia
Qing Dynasty, 1644–1911
Rosetta Stone
Russia, 1450–1789
Russia, 1789–1914
Scandinavia since 1500
Scandinavia: The Middle Ages
Scotland since 1914
Scotland, 1450–1789
Scotland, 1789–1914
Shang Dynasty, 1766 B.C.E.–1045 B.C.E
Song Dynasty, 960–1279
South Korea
Soviet Union, 1917–1991
Spain since 1914
Spain, 1450–1789
Spain, 1789–1914
Sri Lanka
Tang Dynasty, 618–907
Tokyo, Japan
Venetian Republic
Yuan Dynasty, 1279–1368